Looking For ATV Ride In bali

Looking For The Cheapest ATV In Bali? This Is The Place
Want to take the family on vacation together and try to ride the ATV in Bali but are
constrained by the high price? Or want to find an ATV in Bali rental place with friendly
service? Yes, so far there may be some obstacles for visitors who want to try ATVs in Bali.
Starting from the expensive price, a short game time, or even less satisfying service. Of
course, these obstacles can make vacation moments that are not exciting.
Now the following will be thoroughly reviewed 3 choices of tourist destinations that
provide ATV rental in Bali, of course, with a budget that might fit in your pocket. let's check
it guys!
1. Bongkasa Pertiwi Village
The village of Bongkasa Pertiwi is a village which is only 1.5 hours from Bali's Kuta
beach. This village is already known as a village that presents adventure rides that challenge
adrenaline, including one of which is ATV. This vehicle is very popular with local and foreign
tourists, therefore this village will always be crowded with visitors.
The main attraction to try ATV rides in the village of Bongkasa Pertiwi is good service
and the duration of playing ATV is quite long, which is ± 2 hours. The prices offered range
from IDR 600,000 for single rides and IDR 950,000 for tandem rides.
Also, the facilities that you will get are quite complete, including round-trip pickup
from lodging places, soft drinks, safety tools, professional guides, towels, bathing and
changing rooms, and accident insurance. Very complete is not it? So, don't hesitate to try it,
2. Payangan Village
Furthermore, there is the village of Payangan, this village is about 2 hours from Kuta,
and is closer to attractions in Kintamani. ATV services and facilities that will be obtained in
the village of Payangan are not much different from those in the village of Bongkasa Pertiwi.
Starting from the duration of play that lasts for ± 2 hours, rental rates for a single ride and
Tandem ride, as well as the facilities obtained. So, you can choose a location that might be
closer to where you stay, which is closer to the village of Bongkasa Pertiwi or Payangan
village. Thus, indirectly you will save time and travel costs.
3. Taro Village
The third choice is the village of Taro, this village is also quite well known as a village
that has tourist rides that challenge adrenaline. Taro village is located close to the Taro
elephant attraction and takes 2 hours from Kuta beach.
For a vehicle to play ATV in Bali in the village of Taro, the duration lasts for ± 2 hours.
The price offered is also cheaper, depending on the type of package chosen, which starts
from IDR 400,000 to IDR 800,000 for single rides and tandem rides. However, the facilities
provided are not included with pick-up from the inn. Of course, for those who are close to
the village of Taro, the price will be more efficient, right?

Well, that's all information related to ATV in Bali tourist destinations with the lowest
price. Of course, the price offered can change at any time yes guys, so it's enough to just
estimate how much budget you have to prepare.

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